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Because you want to see how will your browsing history show your own future! This site will change according to your own interests! That is how modern life work. But you already know that...

So you're lazy, don't know where and how to spend your money? Redirect yourself here and buy something new.

Or maybe you're just a privacy hero? For you we have created a wide range of new items that you didn't know you need! 🙂

Are you here because of technical talks about redirects?

No problem. The answer is simple. For a full domain redirect, that is, if you wish to redirect the whole website (URL) to another one, you can use 301 redirect. It's a permanent redirect to a new URL. If you are Apache user, you need to use 301 redirect in a .htaccess file on your server, just enter: "Redirect 301 / http://your-new-site.com/". That's it! But, if you don't know what you're doing, you could end up without properly working site. So be aware... But let's get to our main redirect: redirect yourself to another gadget maybe. Follow the ads!


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